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Julia Mueller Savage has been looking after my dog, Shiloh for 5 years. I am so grateful that I found her. Going away has become stress free since Julia came into our lives and my dog clearly adores her. She has looked after Shiloh on numerous occasions has proven to be very responsible and caring. It is clear she has a special love for animals and good judgement. She is willing to look after the house too and perform extra duties like checking the swimming pool ensuring the humidifier/dehumidifier are functioning properly etc. etc. I am always confident that my beloved Shiloh and home are in very good hands when she is in control. I can not recommend Julia’s services enough and have friends and family members who now employ her. She a delight and professional. She is clearly passionate about her work It is a pleasure to be a reference for her.


Julia created a training manual for my use. It was creatively organized, detailed and extremely helpful. I am a big fan of Julia Mueller and would highly recommend her without reservation and with great enthusiasm! The rating is 5+.. You rock!! 


We ​first came to work with Julia about 5 years ago. We had just moved to the city and I had asked a friend, (fellow dog lover to the extreme) if she had a sitter. I knew I could completely trust any of her dog related recommendations. She did not steer me wrong with Julia. Julia is simply the best and my Annie (12 year old cocker spaniel princess) loves her. Julia always sends me quick texts and pictures to reassure me that Annie is doing just fine. She's reliable, trustworthy and I would not hesitate for a second to recommend Julia.





My Family was lucky to have Julia take care of our "senior" golden doodle Buddy on a number of occasions. We always felt Buddy was in good hands with her. Julia always took extra time to keep him company and listened carefully to our instructions on how to care for him. Being an older dog he had some extra special requirements and her loving gentle way with him was exactly what he needed. Sadly, we no longer have our beloved Buddy but if we did Julia would be the first person we would call to care for him and when the time comes for us to get another dog we would not hesitate to reach out to Julia for assistance.

-Terri & John Perras

Piper & Dougie

5 stars! Julia has stayed with my two westies a couple of times now while our family is out of town. It is always a pleasure to have her stay at our home with our little dogs. She sends regular updates and photos so that we know that everything is well at home. She walks the dogs, plays with them, and even teaches them a trick or two. The house is always tidy when we return, and, of course the dogs are sad to see her go. We are so happy to have found Julia! 

-Melissa Howie


Testimonial Coming Soon


Julia is a delightful and friendly woman who really cares and understands cats. She minded our cat, Blackie, for many years. She is responsible, dependable and always seemed to be available when we needed her services. We got in the habit of leaving a note for Julia detailing our requests that she look after in our absence. We would return home with everything plus a little bit extra looked after. While we were away, we were confident that Blackie was safe and happy.

-Carol Jones


Julia of Treat. Praise. Love. has been a blessing to me and my cat, Morpheus. Julia has looked after Morpheus and my home on many occasions over the last five or so years, and I always felt total confidence that he will receive the TLC that he has come to expect. I appreciate that I have a reliable service, no matter if it is over a weekend or for an extended period of time. When there have been unexpected changes to my schedule, necessitating pet and more care, I have been able to count on Julia to help me out. Julia understands my cat (e.g., he loves his chin and ears to be rubbed but needs to decide if he wants to sit on your lap or not!), and this makes for no-stress for Morpheus (and me!) in having her care for him. As well, my home is respected by Julia so that when I return it is in the same condition that I left it in. Treat. Praise. Love. is a trusted service and I have enthusiastically recommended it to many friends.

-Dr. Carol Rolheiser


5* rating!  Almost 4 years ago I was extremely fortunate to be referred to Julia Mueller, for dog-sitting services. My Siberian Husky, Tayngel, is howling away in the background in agreement! Julia has doggy-sitted many times over the past 4 years as I fulfill my wanderlust in travelling. I always know when I go on vacation that I am leaving both my home and my pup in great hands! Julia is responsible, considerate and kind and always takes the utmost care. The house is always left clean and tidy, and while I’m away I receive regular updates and pictures of the fun Julia and Tayngel are having together! Tayngel would say Julia gives the best belly rubs, and takes her on lots of exciting doggy walks through the neighbourhood or to the park. Leaving Tayngel in the care of Julia, I can relax on my vacations knowing she is in good hands; happy and well-exercised. If medical or tummy issues arise, they are always handled with professionalism, and common sense, and I know I can trust Julia to keep Tayngel safe. I cannot say enough about the wonderful dog-sitting services Julia provides! 

-Kim Percival


Sadie normally destroys her braided toys, tarring them apart on day one or getting her teeth caught and subsequently losing interest in her toys. This tug toy has kept her interest since she first got it last year. She enjoys pulling it out when she has play dates with her dog friends. I enjoy not having to clean up strings all around the house after she is done. Also, this tug toy is easy on the hands when she and I play together, which means more play time! I highly recommend this tug toy! Sadie loves that her tug toy embodies little bits of her personality (especially the leopard print)!!

- Marci S.


Five Stars: Beef absolutely loved this toy! There is nothing he enjoys more than a good game of tug-o-war and this made it great fun! He could play for hours if we could keep up with him. The length and stretchiness of the toy made it easier to play with him without jarring your arms as much as with some of the shorter rope toys we have used in the past. I️ would definitely recommend this toy to anyone who has a playful dog!

-Dianna M.


I have employed Julia several times in the past 5 years to babysit our Scottish Terrier in our home. She has been excellent at following the regimen for our dog re feeding and walking. The best recommendation I can give is that the dog greets her enthusiastically. We all know that a dig is a great judge of Humans!

When we were away for a few days Julia was also willing to do a few extras like watering plants or turning on the sprinkler system. We really appreciated that these tasks were taken care of. 

-Mrs. D Robinson

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